Katie Kelley, M.Ed., is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Her work with people is mental health-oriented, not mental illness-oriented. Thus, this title, named and endorsed by the state of Vermont, is aligned with her desire to help clients realize the innate (natural) wisdom within ourselves.

Katie’s belief is that we all have the same amount of this gift. What differs from person to person are varying levels of insecurity (thoughts). Take a moment to imagine the bright, warm sun in the sky. Then visualize clouds rolling in, covering the sun. Even on the cloudiest, stormiest days, the sun never goes away. It is blocked by cloud cover. The same is true of our mental health. It’s always there, yet is “clouded” by our personal beliefs.

Because most of our beliefs are not within our awareness, cognitive therapy alone has inherent limitations. Since learning hypnosis, Katie has found a way for clients to get in touch with subconscious beliefs that hinder and hurt. By working with the subconscious, deep, lasting change can occur. This allows clients to heal their relationships with themselves and others.

Katie also helps clients find ways to quiet their minds to reduce stress. And she teaches about the power of the Law of Attraction, as well as the importance of being diligent with our thinking.

All of these tools are designed to help clients access their innate mental health and create solutions for themselves. Katie has helped clients with self-esteem, anxiety/depression, health/body issues, relationships, and career/life goals. Her style is very interactive and participatory. Katie’s practice includes working with children, teens and adults. She enjoys the age diversity.

Regarding payment: Working with insurance companies can be challenging for both clients and providers. Katie takes most insurances so that clients can utilize their plans. Katie is not employed by any insurance company, nor is she required to be an insurance provider.

Clients are solely responsible for understanding the insurance policy and benefits that they have purchased. They are also responsible for any fees not covered by their plan, including co-pays, coinsurance and deductibles. Clients with no insurance can discuss an out-of-pocket fee with Katie.